Event News

08/08/17 - Check out the new 3-D course flyby and an elevation chart!

As planning for 2018 continues throughout the summer, we've come up with a cool 3-D flyby for the new Carmel 2.0 course. Check it out on YouTube here.

Also, we have added an elevation chart to our maps page here.

04/30/17 - Carmel Marathon “2.0” Announced. New Date & Course for 2018!

CARMEL, IND (April 27, 2017) – Carmel Road Racing Group announced changes for 2018 under the title “Carmel Marathon 2.0” offering a better runner and spectator experience. The highlighted 2.0 changes include an earlier event date and a new faster, flatter course for the 2018 Carmel Marathon Weekend. The changes have been designed to improve both runner and spectator experiences. Details of the key changes include:

• A new earlier spring date offering coolers temps for runners. The date for 2018 is March 31.
• New courses for both the marathon and half marathon events. In 2018, marathon and half marathon participants will run together for the first 13 miles. Joining the marathon and half marathon runners together will offer bigger spectator crowds and reduced traffic congestion for the community.
• The second half of the marathon course will take runners to new sections of Carmel. The second 13 miles will include additional miles on the Monon Greenway and a trek to the west side of US 31 removing busy vehicle traffic areas around the runners.

Download the 2018 Marathon and Half Marathon course map HERE!

The change in date makes the Carmel Marathon Weekend one of the first major Midwest marathons in the spring. The earlier date allows runners to run the Carmel Marathon Weekend with plenty of recovery time to run a second spring event such as the 500 Festival Mini Marathon, Kentucky Derby Marathon, and Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon. According to race director Todd Oliver, “The earlier date also eliminates a date conflict with Boston. As one of the faster courses in the US, many runners qualify at Carmel but cannot return the following year because we were the same weekend as Boston. 21.3% of our marathon finishers last week ran a BQ time. Combined with the appeal of cooler weather in late March, I think we can get that percentage higher.”

The date change will offer benefits to local businesses and the Carmel community as well. “The new course reduces some of the heavy traffic conditions our old course created. Now that our date is positioned on Spring Break weekend for Carmel Schools (March 30-April 6, 2018), our economic impact will be more pronounced because we are bringing folks to the city during a time that is traditionally slower for businesses,” said Oliver. “The 5,000 to 6,000 visitors that come to the event will provide a welcomed influx of lodging, retail and restaurant business for the area.”

The course change also means there will be fewer traffic restrictions for residents during the race and less need for police offices and medical crews.

“We believe Carmel Marathon 2.0 is going to be great. 2017 was our 5th consecutive record-breaking year for participants. The new course offers plenty of opportunity for continued growth and now we are ready for it,” Oliver said.

About the Carmel Marathon Weekend:
The eighth annual Carmel Marathon Weekend on March 31, 2018 will feature a full marathon, half marathon, the Indiana Spine Group 8K and the Carmel 5K. The event offers a fast course (certified Boston Qualifier) through scenic roads and paved trails in the popular Indianapolis suburb of Carmel, Ind. For more information, please visit CarmelMarathon.com

04/07/16 - Carmel Road Racing Group Join other Midwest Races Against Doping

Columbus 10k, Carmel Road Racing Group Adopt Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Anti-Doping Policy

April 7, 2016– Race directors in the Midwest region have come together in an effort to maintain an environment that ensures fair competition and clean sport by adopting the same anti-doping policy as instituted by the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2015. The Columbus 10k along with the Carmel Road Racing Group will no longer accommodate coaches and athlete representatives who have demonstrated a pattern of involvement with systematic doping under this unique policy that includes agents who represent athletes with suspensions.

The Columbus 10k is the oldest road race in Columbus, Ohio and will take place on June 5, 2016. Andy Harris, Race Director, stated, “The Columbus 10K believes in clean sport and the true spirit of competition. To ensure that all competing athletes are working with the same set of tools toward a common goal, we have opted to implement what we believe is a very fair anti-doping policy instated by the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon in 2015. It is our hope that other events will follow the lead of the Monumental Marathon and provide opportunities for clean athletes to be recognized for their honest and hard work.”

The Carmel Road Racing Group (CRRG) hosts a number of events in the Indianapolis area including their signature event, the Carmel Marathon taking place on April 16, 2016. Race Director and CRRG President Todd Oliver has adopted the anti-doping policy at all CRRG events. CRGG also stages the Indy Women’s Half Marathon and 5k, the 13th largest women’s-only half marathon in the US.

The full policy is as follows:
To be eligible for elite entry or prize purse an athlete must:
• Not be currently serving a suspension for use of a banned substance
• Not have ever served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs
• Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who have had 2 or more such suspensions by their athletes in the previous 4 years
• Not be represented by coaches and/or agents who ever served a ban for use of performance enhancing drugs during their own athletic career
• Provide proper documentation proving they are eligible for prize money (form W-9, W-8ECI or W-8BEN)
• Consent to random drug testing according to the standards and procedures of USATF, USADA and WADA

"We always work hard to protect and elevate the achievements of all of our participants, especially our elite athletes,” said Blake Boldon, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, “Our goal in creating this policy was to support those athletes and do everything we can to promote clean sport and equitable competition."