AmeriFirst Sprint to the Finish

Carmel Marathon and AmeriFirst Home Mortgage is bringing back by popular demand, the on-course challenge that includes strategy and planning, and provides an equal chance for all runners to win.

The 2016 Winners Announced!
Congratulations to our AmeriFirst Sprint to the Finish marathon winners: Brendon Thiede of Holt, MI and Taylor Curtis of Indianapolis. The half marathon winners were Craig Haugaard of Aberdeen, SD and Debra Geist of South Bend.

Top 3 Marathon Male:
1. Brendon Thiede - 5:20 difference
2. Paul Huss - 4:07 difference
3. Valentine Klimkowsky - 4:03 difference

Top 3 Marathon Female:
1. Taylor Curtis - 4:15 difference
2. Gabriella Wang - 3:53 difference
3. Christina Varghese - 3:47 difference


Top 3 Half Marathon Male:
1. Craig Haugaard - 9:26 difference
2. Adam Porter - 8:54 difference
3. Brian Holtzleiter - 8:43 difference

Top 3 Half Marathon Female:
1. Debra Geist - 8:38 difference
2. Erika Alley - 5:20 difference
3. Daphne Holtzleiter - 4:40 difference


Carmel Road Racing Group and AmeriFirst Home Mortgage unveiled the Spring to the Finish Challenge in 2016 as a competition inside the race. The AmeriFirst Sprint to the Finish challenge pays a cash purse to the participants who record the biggest difference between their overall pace and their last half-mile split. The top three male and female finishers will receive $100 (first), $75 (second), and $50 (third) in the marathon and half marathon events.

How the AmeriFirst Sprint to the Finish works:
A timing mat will be placed at the last half-mile location and will record every runner's pace as they sprint to the finish line. Timing and scoring will compare each runner’s half-mile finish pace to their overall pace for the entire distance. The top three participants with largest difference will win the money!

How can you be involved?
So who will use strategy to win the AmeriFirst challenge? Will you hold back 25.7 miles or 12.6 miles then get after it the last half mile? Winners will be announced post-race on Sunday via email and on Checks will be mailed after the winners are announced.

If you're already registered, you are in the challenge! If not, sign up today!