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The Marathon Relay, a favorite for families, teams, coworkers and friends, is back again. Runners may compete in four-person teams (two-person teams have been discontinued). 

Important Information

  • Teams will be carrying a baton with a timing chip attached to it.  Like a bib, it must be visible when crossing all timing mats.

  • It is not a requirement for all members to check in at the expo.  Of course we would like for you to visit the expo but one team member can pick up bibs, shirts and the baton.

  • It is encouraged to run as a group through the finish line if your last runner doesn’t beat you there.

4-person Teams
Four-person teams will exchange near the 6.55-mile mark, the start/finish line (mile 13.1) and the 19.65-mile mark. Teams must provide a driver to transport their team's runners to/from the 6.55- and 19.65-mile exchange points. The driver and all four runners will receive a finisher's medal. Runners must be 11 years of age or older be to participate in the relay.


Leg #1 = 7 miles

Exchange Location: 12474 Pasture View Court, Carmel, IN 46033

The Relay flag and exchange point is located at the intersection of Dellfield Blvd and Bridgeton Lane in front of the Lakeside Pavilion. Runners will wait next to the Relay flag for their teammates to make the turn from Hazell Dell, exchange the baton then head up the Bridgeton Lane Hill. Parking will be on Dellfield, EAST of Hazel Dell Parkway. You will then walk across Hazel Dell to the exchange location allowing you an easy departure. Do not park on the course.


Leg #2 = 6.1 miles

Exchange Location: start/finish ground at Mile 13.1

The Relay flag and exchange point is located directly in front of the Beer Garden by the start/finish structure. Relay runners will pass the baton prior to turning south on Third Ave. Parking for the team if needed would be in the Veterans Way garage off of Rangeline road.

Leg #3 = 7.3 miles

Exchange Location: 12188 N. Meridian St., Carmel, IN 46032

The Relay flag and exchange point is located at Water Stop N in the northwest corner of the Franciscan Health Carmel parking lot. Relay runners will wait for their teammates heading north on Illinois, exchange the baton then continue north on Illinois. Parking is located in the Franciscan parking lot.

Leg #4 = 5.7 miles

Leg 4 runners will enjoy the shortest distance of the four legs finishing back under the arch at the finish.


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