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Franciscan Health Resource Center - Video Library: Running, Walking, and Racing Tips

Are you new to running? Or have you been running for years and an injury has popped up? Check out these resources from our partners at Franciscan Health!

Running and Walking Tips

Dr. Seth Schmoll, Sports Medicine Specialist with Franciscan Health, talks through a variety of tips for runners and walkers of all activity levels. He discusses the importance of hydration, stretching, cross training, shoes and much more.

Running Tips for Beginners

Are you training for your first long distance race? The act of running long distance can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t have much experience with it. Dr. Catherine Reese, Sports Medicine Specialist with Franciscan Health, provides tips for how to start your running journey. She helps take the fear out of running and helps make it an enjoyable experience. Passionate about running herself, she hopes to inspire you to begin your running program today.

Runners: Proper Nutrition For Your Race

Proper nutrition and hydration, particularly in the days leading up to your race, can make a difference in your race-day performance. The Franciscan WELLCARE team offers these tips for pre- and post-race hydration and nutrition.


As we are approaching race weekend and training is in full swing, we must remember it is important to hydrate before, during and after exercising. One of Franciscan Health’s Athletic Trainers discusses just how important it is to stay hydrated and a few suggestions on how to prevent dehydration.


Stretching is one of the most important things you can do for yourself both before and after your runs. One of Franciscan Health’s Athletic Trainers discusses the importance of stretching, types of stretching and examples of stretching that could benefit your next workout.

Warm-Up And Cool-Down Exercises

When it's hard enough squeezing a workout into an already-packed schedule, setting aside extra time to warm up and cool down seems like a waste of time. Or is it? Franciscan Health athletic trainers weigh in on if these steps should be a part of your fitness plan.


It is common for runners to experience a cramp during a training run or a race. One of our Franciscan Health’s Athletic Trainers provides more information on what a cramp is, how to prevent cramping and how to treat a cramp when you experience one.

Runners: Prevent Stress Fractures

Don’t be sidelined by a stress fracture during your marathon training. This common overuse injury keeps many runners from the start line. Here’s how to prevent a stress fracture and what to do if you suspect you have one.

Virtual Race Day Preparations

Have you chosen to complete the Carmel Marathon virtually this year? Franciscan Health offers tips to help prepare for your virtual race experience.

Finish Your Half-Marathon Or Marathon Strong

You've spent months training to run your half or full marathon, a full marathon. Whether you're a first-timer or a veteran athlete, running an in-person or virtual race, follow these tips to be ready to cross the finish line without injury!

Marathon Recovery Tips

After training for months, your marathon is finally here. You've done your research on pre-race training; you run the marathon and finish with feeling of accomplishment, but now what? According to Catherine Reese, MD, a sports medicine specialist with Franciscan Physician Network, there are recovery tips that you can take within 72 hours after crossing the finish line to optimize your recovery. Try these 6 post-race recovery tips to help you recover after a marathon.

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