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Streakers Return to Carmel Marathon Weekend

On April 8, more than 30 participants will head to the start line with 10-plus years of experience navigating the roundabouts, Monon Greenway and neighborhoods of Carmel, Indiana. These “streakers” will take on the Carmel Marathon Weekend for the 13th consecutive year in a row.

After holding the inaugural Carmel Marathon Weekend in June 2011, event management group CRRG Events moved the race to April in 2012. Through the years, the dedicated streakers have faced rain, sunshine, sleet—and a virtual race—to continue their long-standing commitment to participating in the event.

Four streakers (Wei L., Jeremy M., Dan M., and Craig T.) will run the Carmel Marathon Presented by Franciscan Health for the 13th time, surpassing 340 total miles on the full marathon course since 2011. Four others (Catherine N., Shanen P., Jeremy R., and Ed W.) will cross the finish line for the 13th consecutive year with more than 170 miles on the Carmel Half Marathon course. The average age of the streakers is 54, with the oldest to be 72 on race day.

The Carmel Marathon Weekend streakers will be recognized on race morning during opening ceremonies. Please join us in congratulating these individuals for their accomplishments!

Stephen B.

Brett B.

Mark B.

Jason H.

Michael H.

Greg H.

Joseph I.

Jennifer J.

Rob J.

Jen K.

Matt L.

John L.

Wei L.

Jeremy M.

Janice M.

Dan M.

Catherine N.

Shanen P.

Kathy P.

Mark P.

Jeremy R.

Elizabeth R.

Rose S.

Jeffery S.

Craig T.

Dale V.

George V.

Pamela W.

Ed W.

Gareth Y.

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