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If your family or friends are running the Carmel Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, or 5K, cheering them through their race will guarantee you receive a “Best Friends Forever” title.

Your friends have been training for months to run their race. Whether it is their 1st or 100th, they will always appreciate cheers from friends and strangers alike. So please show up and cheer for them as loud as you can while you understand the following:


Dos and Don’ts of Race Spectating


  • Know what your runners are wearing and what pace they intend to run.

  • Cheer as loud as you can for every runner.

  • Study the course map and plan locations where you can see your runners multiple times.

  • Let your friends know exact location where you are cheering (mile X on your right or left)

  • Make a poster..

  • Bring noise makers.

  • Bring balloons or other decorations so you can easily be seen.

  • Congratulate runners for completing the race when they cross finish line

  • Bring drinks and snacks for yourself.

  • Bring goodies for runners such as Kleenex, Vaseline, small water bottles, snacks (pretzels, banana, orange slices, etc.).


  • Stand in the way of runners or cross streets without race marshals permission and please respect the course.

  • Yell “ALMOST THERE” unless you are standing where you can see the finish line.

  • Call or text runners during their race.

  • Congratulate all participants for completing the race.

  • Cancel your plans. Runners are counting on you and will be looking for you on the course. So please show up if you say you will be there.

Thank you for supporting us!

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